Monday, October 15, 2012

National Center For State Courts Releases Study of Jury Use of New Media

The authors of the report acknowledge that it was a small sample and that those jurors surveyed may not have been willing to disclose violations of the judges' admonitions regarding social media and the Internet.  Still, they drew these interesting conclusions (at p. 7):

1.  Few jurors reported committing misconduct of any kind-- with the Internet, friends or families

2.  A substantial portion of the jurors could not recall that the judge had given an admonishment about new media use or incorrectly believed such searches were permissible

3.  A sizable proportion of actual and prospective jurors indicated a desire to use the Internet to obtain information relevant to the trial

4.  A significant proportion indicated they would be unable to refrain from Internet use for the duration of the trial.

The authors recommend further study of these issues.


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