Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Celebrities Called to Jury Duty Should Not Criticize "the Boredom"

It's happening again this week.  A prominent reporter on one of the financial cable news networks is on social media expounding on the boredom of waiting at the courthouse to be called for jury duty.  He is to be praised for doing his civic duty.  But jury duty is not intended to be entertainment.  Everyone knows there is a lot of waiting even if you are selected to serve on a jury.  So bring a good book and several newspapers (yes, Millenials, some people actually read newspapers ON PAPER)  You may find the experience quite enlightening.  It's only a few days out of your busy lives.  Indeed some people have had their lives interrupted while they serve on active duty in the military in places like Afghanistan so you have the privilege of serving on a jury.  End of sermon.                                

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